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TurkPA MPs discussed economic cooperation issues
Members of the parliamentary committees/commissions of the TurkPA member parliaments that deal with the issues relating to the economic development, finances, agriculture and other types of economic activities as well as representatives of the leading Kazakh research centres gathered at the conference “The Great Silk Road: Role and Perspectives for the Turkic-speaking Countries” organised by the current TurkPA chairmanship – Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana under the aegis of the Astana Economic Forum being held on 25-26 May.
Presentation of Kurmanjan Datka film held in Astana
Kurmanjan Datka - the movie by Mr Sadyk Sher-Nyaz, Chairman of the Union of Cinema Makers of Kyrgyzstan, member of Joghorku Kenesh (parliament) of the Kyrgyz Republic, Chairman of TurkPA’s Commission on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Issues was presented on 24th May, 2016 at the Parliament of Kazakhstan.
Social,Cultural and Humanitarian Commission held its meeting
The fifth meeting of the TurkPA Commission on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Issues took place on 24 May 2016 in Astana and hosted by the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. The meeting was led by Mr. Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, Chairman of the Commission and member of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan and attended by the parliamentarians of the member countries, as well as by the representatives of the Turkic Council and TurkSOY. The main item of the meeting’s agenda was the subject of cooperation between the member countries in disaster management and crisis management issues and relevant report and recommendation on the matter has been presented by Mr. Mustafa Bozkurt, member of the Parliament of Turkey.
The Great Steppe Social Sciences Forum held in Astana
The Great Steppe Social Sciences Forum was held in Astana for the first time under the auspices of the Turkic Academy. Eminent scientists, officials and guests from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Korea, USA and other countries as well as international organisations took part in the work of the august gathering held on 23rd of May at the Nazarbayev Centre.
Fifth meeting of TurkPA Commission on Legal Affairs and International Relations held in Ankara
The Fifth Meeting of the TURKPA Commission on Legal Affairs and International Relations took place on 17 May 2016 in Ankara and hosted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The meeting was led by Mr. Haluk Ipek, Chairman of the Commission and member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
UNAOC Global Forum started in Baku
Secretary General Jandos Asanov attended the 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations opened in the capital of Azerbaijan on 26 April 2016 under the theme “Living Together in Inclusive Societies: A Challenge and A Goal”.
Article of TURKPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov dedicated to the 25th anniversary of restoration of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has an important place within the community of nations as well as among the Turkic-speaking countries. Throughout many centuries it has been at the crossroads of cultures and civilisations, which is vividly reflected in the culture and language of Azerbaijanis. The country’s history saw many events and upheavals of regional and global scale. And it has been a quarter century since the nation restored its independence.

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TURKPA Chairman-in-Office H.E. Mr. Baktykozha Izmukhambetov
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