Tuesday, 16 August 2022, 19:35:43 — Baku (UTC+4)
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States

TURKPA observers presented statement on presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey

The TURKPA International Observation Mission gave the press conference on the outcomes of its monitoring of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Turkey. Mr. Ahliman Amiraslanov, member of Milli Mejlis of Azerbaijan, presented the statement in his capacity of the head of the mission and briefed the Turkish media representatives about TURKPA’s observation programme. Members of the Mission from Kazakhstan Mr. Nurlan Dulatbekov, Mr. Neriman Turegaliyev, Mr. Bekmirza Yelemanov, Mr. Mukhtar Jumagaziyev and from Kyrgyzstan Mr. Maksat Sabırov and Mr. Zakir Sharapov shared their views on electoral process and election environment in Turkey.

The mission visited about 40 polling stations in the capital city Ankara and then observed counting of votes in 3 polling stations and also had a talk with the polling stations’ officials and voters.

Prior to the election day, observers held meetings with the Head of the Supreme Election Council Mr. Sadi Güven and representatives of the political parties. During these meetings, observers were provided with detailed information on the measures for election preparations, as well as on electoral platforms and policies of the leading political forces of Turkey.

The Mission mentioned that it did not observe any violations in election administration and, moreover, relevant bodies were well-resourced and professionally prepared for conduct of elections.

The Mission concluded that the presidential and parliamentary elections in the Republic of Turkey of 24 June 2018 were held in compliance with the national legislation of Turkey and international election standards.


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