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Secretary General’s meetings in Istanbul - Turk-PA.org
Thursday, 27 January 2022, 13:14:37 — Baku (UTC+4)
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries

Secretary General’s meetings in Istanbul

02.06.2016 10:09
TurkPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov on 1st June, 2016 met with the Chairman of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) Mr. Süleyman Şensoy. The parties had a lengthy exchange of views as regards the current state and prospects of cooperation among the Turkic-speaking countries. J.Asanov spoke of the need to increase the information flow among the TurkPA member-countries. TurkPA Secretary General also said that the Turkic-speaking nations stem from the same common roots and now each of them has its own language, history and geography.

Ambassador Murat Bilhan, Vice-Chairman of TASAM, Prof. Sedat Aybar of Аydin University and Dr. Hilmi Özev, TASAM expert and head of the World Islamic Forum were present at the meeting.

On the same day Secretary General Jandos Asanov met with Secretary General of the Union of Turkic World Municipalities (TDBB) Mr. Fahri Solak.

Current TURKPA Chairmanship
TURKPA Chairman-in-Office